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An alternative market for fresh local vegetables, fruits, seafood, and crafted goods

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We also deliver fresh vegetables and fruits in bulk straight from local farmers. Just send us a message for inquiries and more details!


What is Komunal Market?

The term 'komunal' is derived from the word komun or commune. It defines as a group of individuals living together, sharing possessions and responsibilities.

Komunal Market is an initiative to bring small food producers such as farmers, fisherfolks, and artisans closer to the table. They, who produce the most basic necessities with their bare hands, are neglected of direct access to the market and are, most of the time, exploited of their fair share and their hard labor.

Komunal is a community, that will strive to, at the very least, provide everyone with fair shares. From the direct producers working with farm tools and relying on rainwater for their crops. The fisherfolks working under extreme weather conditions to provide fresh seafood. And the local artisans working with pure authenticity.