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Rekado Basket

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A set bundle including ingredients commonly used for condiments, sauces, aromatics, and seasonings! Each basket is good for 4-5 pax.

What's included in this basket?

  • Bawang (1/4 Kilo)
  • Pulang Sibuyas (1/4 Kilo)
  • Puting Sibuyas (1/4 Kilo)
  • Luya (1/8 Kilo)
  • Calamansi (1/8 Kilo)
  • Siling Panigang (1/8 Kilo)
  • Siling Labuyo (1/8 Kilo)
  • Kamatis  (1/4 Kilo)
  • Dahon ng Sibuyas ( 1/8 Kilo)
  • Lemongrass (1 Bundle)
  • Bell Pepper (1/4 Kilo)
  • Sukang Maanghang (150ml)

*Contents of the basket may change depending on the availability. This page will be updated and customers who ordered will be contacted if any changes were made.